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Competition Theme

The participating teams can know more about the competition details through Introduction to the Contest.

Theme 1
Creative Design of Space Experiment

The participating teams can establish the objectives of space science experiments according to their scientific research fields of interest without referring to the technical requirements, then identify the corresponding scientific experiment requirements and formulate the design plan based on the environmental status of the space station.

Theme 2
Innovative Design of Space Payload Experiment

According to the set scientific research objectives and the limited space technology platform, the teams shall propose an innovative space payload design and build the principle prototype of the payload instrument or conduct simulation of the equipment. The technical requirements should be taken as the reference.

  • Cash reward

    Set up a bonus pool to reward winning teams.

  • As Preparatory Experimental Project for Space Flight

    The final teams will be recommended to China Space Station, International Space Station, Space station and Scientific Satellite for flight carrying projects.

  • Expert Training

    The teams will receive professional guidance from academicians and industry experts.

  • Supporting Resources

    Provide all-round support in technical, project docking, sponsorship docking ect.

Famous Quotes
  • "The diversity of international participation is a key ingredient of any space science endeavor, whether in human exploration or Earth observation."

    —— Jean Michel Contant (IAA Secretary General)

  • "Bravely shoulder heavy burdens, climb the peak bravely, and strive to build a world power in science and technology."

    —— Feng Zhang (President of Chinese Institute of Electronics)

  • "What does the development of aerospace depend on? Really on self-reliance and struggle by oneself"

    —— Jiyuan Liu (Former Director of CNSA)